Leading the way in Premium Pet Food Ingredients

Crete Core Ingredients

Crete Core Ingredients is a fresh & frozen supplier of ingredients to the pet food industry. We specialize in novel and premium meats, fruits and vegetables. Crete Core Ingredients carries the following certifications.

EU APHIS Certified – NE –BL0-0003
USDA Certified – USDA Establishment #31726/P-31726
HAACP Certified
Organic Certified

Our temperature controlled facility employs state of the art grinding, emulsifying, and mechanical separating processing equipment. Crete Core Ingredients utilizes computerized plate freezers to maximize the speed of moving ingredient from a fresh to a frozen state. With over 12,000,000lbs of freezer capacity, Crete Core Ingredients is able to assist any size customer in the pet food industry.

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